Issue II | Volume I | April, 2017

Issue II | Volume I | April, 2017

HNLU Student Bar Journal

Editorial Note


Aditya Manubarwala & Malcolm Katrak, India’s WTO Woes: A Concern for the Developing World at Large.

Srinivas Raman, Regulating Reverse Mergers in India .

Parth Dixit & Ramya Katti, Disrobing OPC’s: The Battle with The Cloak of Limited Liability.

Pragya & Radhika Pandey, Excessive Pricing Will the Competition Commission Intervene.

Govind Abhijith, A Critical Analysis of the Culture of Fan Subbing and Scanlation of Japanese Media and Copyright Law.

Shikhar Sinha & Kunal Gopal, Tracing the Jurisprudence of Smell Marks as Trade Marks.