Issue I | Volume II | November, 2016

Issue  I | Volume II | November, 2016

HNLU Student Bar Journal



Enakshi Jha, Money Laundering: The Dirty Crime Eroding The Banking System.

Rishi A, Trading With Speed: Regulating High Frequency Trading In India.

Pragalbh Bharadwaj, A Critical Appraisal Of The ‘Fair Dealing’ Doctrine Under Copyright Law In India: Highlighting The Imperative Need For Reform.

Sanika Kulkarni, Examining The Role And Status Of IFSO Vis- À -Vis The Aircraft Commander In Context Of The Protocol To The Tokyo Convention 1963.

Komal Khare & Devershi Mishra, Debunking The Efficacy Of Section 436-A Of Criminal Procedure Code: An Empirical Study On Undertrials In India.


Rishi Raju, A Corporate Affair Exit.

Ayushi Mishra, Analysis Of Draft Guidelines For On-Tap Licensing Of Universal Banks In Private Sector.

Case Comment

Shreet Raj Jaiswal & Kahkashan Jabin, Case Comment- Roman Zakharov V. Russia.