Submission Guidelines

Submissions for the Student Bar Journal


Authors may submit under any of the following categories:

  1. Long Articles– 4000 to 6000 words.
  2. Essays– 2000-4000 words.
  3. Case Comments- up to 2000 words.

The word limit is inclusive of footnotes.

Manuscript guidelines

  1. All articles and essays must be accompanied by an abstract not exceeding 200 words.
  2. The body of the manuscript should be in Times New Roman, Font Size 12 and in 1.5 line spacing.
  3. The footnotes should be in Times New Roman, Font Size 10 and in single line spacing.
  4. Submissions must be made in the MS Word (.doc/.docx) format and the citations must conform to the latest edition of the Bluebook style.
  5. Co-authorship is permissible up to a maximum of two authors. Further, kindly adhere strictly to the word limit prescribed.
  6. Submissions must be made via email to
  7. The subject of the email should be “Submission for 3rd Volume of Journal- (Title of the manuscript)”.
  8. The submission should be accompanied by a Cover Letter which must include the following details:
      • Name of Author(s)
      • Contact Details– Address and Mobile No.
      • Name and Address of Institution
      • Course currently being pursued/ Academic Qualifications

Submissions for The HNLU Weekly


Submissions which deal with issues of contemporary importance on any subject of law are welcome, please feel free to employ an interdisciplinary approach. Submissions which creatively re-characterize settled debates or present novel arguments and solutions for contested points of law and policy are encouraged and will be preferred. We post a new article once a week, usually on a Monday.

Here are a few guidelines that you should follow:

  1. The submission should deal with a relevant/topical issue concerning any area of law. Only original content developed by the author(s) will be accepted. Submissions will be screened for plagiarism and articles with plagiarism above 15% will be summarily rejected.
  2. Submissions should be emailed to in the form of a Word document. There should be a clear Subject line mentioning “Submission for HNLU Weekly
  3. References must be in the form of endnotes or hyperlinks and not both. Endnotes are preferred.
  4. The submission should preferably be between 1200-2000 words. This stipulation is flexible at Editor’s discretion in exceptional cases and longer articles may be permitted.
  5. There is no need for a separate cover letter/bio to be attached. Please mention the author details and topic in the body of the email itself. Author details would include name(s), university, and year of study. No unnecessary details apart from these.
  6. We take about 30 days to review an article on average. If required we will mail for inquiries or corrections. All queries regarding the submission shall take place only in the original email thread.
  7. Co-authorship is allowed to a maximum of two (2) authors.
  8. Submissions may be accepted/rejected based solely on the discretion of the Editorial Board. Articles will be evaluated on the basis of criteria including but not limited to originality, argumentation, language, structure, novelty and analysis.
  9. A previously published article on a similar topic can also be a reason of rejection based on the discretion of the Editorial Board.
  10. Please include a short abstract (around 150 words) with your article. This will be used for the Blog updates on various social media platforms.
  11. Purely descriptive pieces and articles without any legal analysis are discouraged. The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject a piece at any stage, if it is noticed that these criterions are not duly met.
  12. Declaration– A declaration in Word document must be included. It shall read as-

“I/ We certify that this is an original work and no part of this article has been copied from any other source without acknowledgement. This article is not under consideration at any other platform besides HNLU Weekly.


Please note that we are currently in the process of obtaining an ISSN No. and all authors will be informed of it as soon as we are granted one.